Amidst the glittering lights of the Las Vegas skyline, the fortunes of Red Rock Resorts (NASDAQ: RRR) rose like a phoenix in Wednesday’s twilight trading, their shares buoyed by the reveal of a quarter that had surpassed the high hopes of Wall Street’s vigilant number-crunchers. In a grand flourish that would’ve impressed even the most stoic of card players, they declared a special dividend—to the delight of shareholders.

At the heart of this financial jubilee, Red Rock Resort, standing proudly in the oasis of Summerlin, Nevada, has not merely weathered the storm of economic forecasters, but prevailed, defying the odds with numbers that sparkled brighter than a jackpot on a high limit slot machine. The closing chapter of 2023, known in the hushed tones of accountants and analysts as Q4, saw Red Rock net a handsome profit of 95 cents per share, a number that danced elegantly atop the bar of expectations which had been set at a modest 51 cents. The revenue’s song was equally triumphant, reaching a crescendo at $462.7 million—echoing far above predictions whispering of $439.6 million.

When one casts their gaze back over the year’s passage, Red Rock’s fiscal odyssey reveals an 8.8% growth in its top line, accompanied by a 3.6% ascension of its adjusted EBITDA—a true testament to the economic alchemy being practiced within its operations. Las Vegas, the pulsing heart of gaming, has felt Red Rock’s presence swell, with revenues climbing a resolute 9.5% to $459.4 million, as the desert city’s keepsake continues to affirm its dominance in entertainment and chance.

Each of the Red Rock sentinels, from Green Valley Ranch in Henderson to the array of Station casinos and Wildfire hotspots, resonate with the victorious chime of prosperity—all within the confines of the legendary Las Vegas Valley.

Turning our eyes to the ledger, we discover Red Rock emerging from the annals of 2023 with a war chest of $137.6 million in cash, opposite a mountain of debt standing at $3.4 billion. Yet, the strength of their balance sheet is unyielded, powerful enough to underpin the declaration of the new special bounty—a dividend of $1.00 per Class A common share, set to grace the coffers of all worthy stockholders recorded by the close of business on February 22, 2024, with its dispersal slated for March 4 of that year.

This isn’t the first time the company has dipped its hand into the chest to reward its loyal subjects. Twice since November 2021, dividends of a unique nature have been bestowed—first a $3 per share endowment, followed a year hence by a $1 per share payout, maintaining a tradition that breaks from the quarterly expectations common among the domestic company elite.

The most recent feather in Red Rock’s cap, Durango Casino & Resort, glistens in the southwest quarter of Las Vegas. Its neoteric doors have been thrown open for but a handful of months, and thus its contributions to the fourth quarter were whispers, not roars. Yet the glint of potential is undeniable, with executives soothing the frayed nerves of cannibalization worriers—loyalty, they say, will see patrons make their pilgrimage back to their beloved Summerlin venue as the new year unfolds.

Analysts, those seers of commerce, cast their projections upon the what-may-comes, suggesting with furrowed brows that Durango’s successful debut may pose a grander threat to rival establishments scattered in the southwest wastelands than to the Red Rock kin. The dice are cast, the wheel spins, and in the game of fortunes, Red Rock Resorts stands tall, ready for whatever hand is dealt.

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