Under the neon glimmer of Sin City’s allure, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce stepped into an unexpected spotlight. Cradling the illustrious Vince Lombardi trophy, his voice climbed and dipped through a rendition of “Viva Las Vegas” that may have had the King himself tapping a blue suede shoe. Amidst the revelry of his team’s triumph at Allegiant Stadium over the San Francisco 49ers, a tune famous for gracing silver screens now echoed from the gridiron, giving Sin City’s anthem a new chapter in its storied legacy.

What seemed like a spontaneous jamboree could’ve drawn the ire of copyright vultures, yet the outcome danced a different step. Kelce’s homely homage, broadcast to a staggering 123 million souls — among them, his chart-topping sweetheart, Taylor Swift, who couldn’t suppress a charmed chuckle — spun the song into a golden windfall for its caretakers. Warner Chappell Music, along with the publisher, found themselves not mourning a butchered ballad but toasting a boom in royalties as every outlet replaying the spectacle lined their coffers.

“We were very excited about him doing that,” Will Brattan, the maestro behind Pomus Songs Inc., confided to Billboard with a shimmer in his eye, sparing the gritty details of their financial windfall.

As if Elvis himself had time-traveled to Super Bowl Sunday, “Viva Las Vegas,” his spirited number from the eponymous 1964 film, vaulted back into the zeitgeist. Though the legend himself never spun the song live, it has become as entwined with Las Vegas as the roulette wheel — an ever-present homage to the city’s dazzling excess.

From the growls of Bruce Springsteen to the punk snarls of the Dead Kennedys, “Viva Las Vegas” has donned countless sonic disguises, crooned by troubadours and rock gods alike — even Nobel laureate Bob Dylan philosophized on its chords in his prose on music’s intersection with belief.

And while debates simmered on social media — that contemporary agora — regarding the fidelity of Kelce’s croons, a counterpoint arose: @bravedavebean, a storied TikTok musicologist, proffered that Kelce’s bellow might not have strayed far from musical propriety, offering a surprisingly convincing earful to those doubting Thomases who dared question the tight end’s tunefulness.

Amidst jesting speculation that Swift’s car karaoke sessions may have honed Kelce’s harmonizing, the serendipitous moment of song served as a reminder: sometimes the richest experiences don’t spring from the flawless execution but from the exuberant spirit of the performance itself — a truth sung loudly in the heart of Las Vegas.

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