The winding streets of Washington, DC, traditionally known for their vibrant political hustle, currently echo with the murmurs of discontent from the sports betting community. A shadow looms over the mobile wagering landscape as Intralot—the Greek gaming behemoth behind the district’s beleaguered sports betting application, GambetDC—might not be departing the capital’s betting scene as promptly as some had anticipated.

At the heart of the city, adjacent to the cherished local institution, Ben’s Chili Bowl, a GambetDC Sportsbook retail spot stands as a symbol of unrealized potential. Though slated to draw to a close this July, it seems the DC Lottery is poised to extend its divisive affiliation with Intralot. Embraced within the clauses of their initially criticized arrangement, the lottery reserves the right to prolong their partnership for up to a quintet of years beyond the inaugural term.

This prospective extension, while likely to span merely a year, puts a damper on the council’s aspirations to align GambetDC with a reputed, national online sportsbook operator—a pairing that’s been speculated to rejuvenate the app’s lagging fortunes.

“The length of the extension is not clear yet,” Frank Suarez, the DC Lottery’s chieftain, acknowledged amidst the city council’s chamber last week.

Suarez is convinced that granting Intralot this extra time provides the lottery with a precious window to courting another gaming company—a suitor that could eventually succeed the Greek incumbent. Giants of the industry—BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and FanDuel—currently command retail sportsbooks within the district’s expanse but encounter a ban on the proliferation of their mobile betting services.

The Washington City Paper hasn’t minced words when it comes to DC Lottery’s approach towards its imminent separation from Intralot. Critics have voiced their exasperation over the organization’s apparent procrastination in rallying a fitting substitute, a stall that now leaves DC Lottery stranded without the luxury of time required to orchestrate a comprehensive auction for GambetDC’s application management—a process that consequently sentences Intralot to an extended tenure.

“It would likely take the city months to write a new request for proposals, collect responses, then pick a winner; at least, if the city opts to ditch the Intralot deal, this mysterious new subcontractor can help it make more money in the meantime,” reported Alex Koma of City Paper.

Since it first unfurled its services, GambetDC has performed abysmally, becoming a sore point for both the city’s coffers and its bettors—so much so that legions of them now journey to Maryland or Virginia to place their mobile bets, seeking respite from Intralot’s faltering system, especially during peak betting events.

It was under a cloud of skepticism that the DC Lottery had initially inked a hefty $215 million contract with Intralot—a move blemished by the lack of an open bidding process, an error for which the district has been paying both financially and reputatively.

The City Paper’s argument leans towards the practical wisdom of allowing the contract to expire, forsaking Intralot and embarking on an earnest quest for a worthy replacement. This suggestion echoes the feelings of many who have had their patience tried by Intralot’s underperformance.

“But the longer the city keeps trying to preserve the status quo with Intralot and company, the farther away any real change looks,” Koma pointed out. The proverbial Loose Lips column suggests a scenario where minor revenue improvements might seduce the lottery into perpetuating its current agreements, especially if political will to tackle the issue remains weak.

For now, as the DC sports betting scene unravels this latest chapter, the palpable sense of anticipation among bettors and council members alike hints at a future where change is not just desired but is fast becoming imperative.

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