Beneath the shimmering heat of the Nevada desert and the dazzling lights of Las Vegas lies an extraordinary testament to one man’s vision of sanctuary amidst fears of atomic devastation. Known to the local populace simply as “The Underground House,” a 15,000-square-foot subterranean abode awaits, offering a surreal replica of an above-ground environment, far from the worries of the world that spins above.

Crafted with the ingenuity befitting a Jules Verne novel, this clandestine haven entices with lush synthetic vegetation, a daylit ambiance, and the bucolic charm of chirping mechanical birds. Imagine dipping into a crystalline swimming pool, teeing off at a four-hole putting green, or being lulled by the melodious cascade of waterfalls—all of this ensconced within the earth. Luxuriate in the bubbling comforts of not one, but two hot tubs; detoxify in a soothing sauna; let loose on a dance floor; and indulge in spirited conversation at the bar.

For decades, this peculiarity of architecture has been the secluded treasure of a select few. Now, in a fleeting convergence of chance and curiosity, The Underground House opens its doors. This offering comes courtesy of the Nevada Preservation Foundation’s bus tour, an expedition through the vestiges of the atomic age and an intimate peek into a visionary’s bunker.

Delving 25 feet under the world we know, The Underground House stands as the realized dream of Girard B. Henderson, an Avon executive and millionaire who saw the earth as a refuge from impending nuclear terror. Henderson brought his underground ideal to the public eye at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, before burrowing into his own slice of peace in 1978. Within this domicile, he breathed his last in 1983, yet his legacy endures within the steel-reinforced confines of his creation.

Hovering over this below-ground marvel at 3970 Spencer St. is a deceptively ordinary dwelling that betrays nothing of the wonders beneath. The current steward of this modern ark, the Stasis Foundation of Texas, succeeded a lineage of caretakers including the enigmatic Society for the Preservation of Near Extinct Species.

April 25th to 28th of 2024 marks the calendar for the brave and the curious to undertake the “Home + History Las Vegas” journey. From the Atomic Museum to long-forgotten bunkers, participants will traverse the silent memorials of an age that danced with the atomic specter. Seats on this voyage through both time and space are priced at $125 each, a contribution that furthers the noble cause of historic preservation.

For those captivated by tales of existential resilience and marvels of survivalist luxury, The Underground House beckons. As the dates draw near, remember that this chance is as rare as the home itself—seize it, and step into a world where the clock has stopped, just a hair’s breadth from midnight.

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