As the sun casts its golden hue over the Atlantic, the historic tapestry of America’s first boardwalk prepares for a momentous revival. The venerable Atlantic City Boardwalk, a witness to the highs and lows of Jersey shore history since 1870, is set to receive a much-needed facelift. A $20 million grant has been earmarked to breathe new life into this iconic wooden walkway, ensuring it remains a vibrant hub for generations to come.

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey heralded a new era for the state’s beloved boardwalks, unveiling a $100 million windfall destined to rejuvenate 18 municipalities, with Atlantic City proudly claiming the lion’s share. “Our boardwalks have long been jewels of the Jersey shore,” Murphy declared, “a canvas of cherished memories where the laughter of friends and the joy of families resonate. Today, we affirm those priceless moments by investing in the future of these cherished promenades.”

This vital injection of funds flows from the American Rescue Plan, a federal fiscal lifeline originally woven to invigorate the economy in times of need. Atlantic City’s storied boardwalk, often hailed as the nation’s oldest, will see its aging planks and weary pilings replaced with materials crafted to withstand the test of time, securing its legacy and charm.

Tracing its origins back to an ingenious remedy for keeping beach sands at bay, the boardwalk once spanned an impressive seven miles. However, the tumultuous Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944 amputated its reach, and today it embraces the shoreline for 5.5 miles of scenic stroll. This monumental restoration will not only reinforce its structure but enhance its heart with ADA-compliant upgrades, ensuring that every visitor can partake in the boardwalk’s allure.

Jacquelyn Suárez, acting commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, recognized boardwalks as the lifelines of the shore’s economy, acknowledging the hefty toll their maintenance extracts on local coffers. “With the Boardwalk Preservation Fund,” Suárez noted, “the Murphy Administration extends its hand to ease this burden, invigorating these vital arteries so they may pulsate with life and beckon explorers for countless tomorrows.”

No strip of planks has ever played a more critical role than that of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. It is the sinew that binds six of the town’s glittering casinos—a safe passage for guests who navigate between these bastions of entertainment. From Ocean Casino to Tropicana, the Boardwalk teems with life, embodying the spirit of the shore.

In a year where brick-and-mortar gaming revenues soared to $2.84 billion, a modest uptick from the previous annum, the Boardwalk’s continued health is paramount to the casinos’ prosperity. With whispers of a smoke-free legislation on legislative winds, casino operators watch anxiously, knowing the Boardwalk remains their steadfast partner.

Enveloped by the cool embrace of the Marina District, Borgata, Harrah’s, and Golden Nugget stand as Atlantic City’s triumvirate of gaming luxury. Yet, even as their lights shimmer over calm waters, it is the wooden spine of the Boardwalk that connects the heart of this coastal carnival, a thread in the fabric of New Jersey’s illustrious tapestry.

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