Within the bustling heart of Atlantic City, where the bright lights of gaming venues mimic the relentless sparkle of the ocean beneath the boardwalk, a notable chapter of casino history is drawing to its close. Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, the formidable casino wing birthed by Connecticut’s own Mohegan Tribe, announces a poignant departure. The end of this year shall see the conclusion of their influential management agreement at Resorts Casino Hotel—an emblematic establishment cradled by the storied Atlantic City Boardwalk.

The air of change took on a tangible quality as Mohegan Gaming, a tribal gaming titan of renown, declared the impending finale of its ties with Resorts Casino Hotel. It was a partnership that began with a significant move in 2012 when the Mohegan Tribe, with a pioneering spirit, threaded its way into the fabric of the Boardwalk by taking a 10% stake in Resorts Casino—a first for any Native American operator in this casino-laden stretch by the sea. While the management strings may soon be cut, the Tribe’s investment in the venue will remain intact post-2024.

Mohegan Gaming’s commitment stands unwavering as they ensure that the remaining months of stewardship glide seamlessly into the history books, with the dedication to preserving what has always been the soul of Resorts Casino Hotel—an unmatched guest experience. This promise reverberates with the same care and precision that shepherded the venue under the stewardship of casino magnates Morris Bailey and the late Dennis Gomes when they acquired the establishment in 2010.

The strategic silence from Mohegan leaves industry watchers pondering the reasons behind the withdrawal from Atlantic City, with no hints at a possible return. Atlantic City, the glimmering star second only to Las Vegas in the American casino heavens, contemplates the void of a formidable operator amidst its galaxy of nine casino hotels—a cosmos some argue is too densely populated, pointing fingers at an oversaturation of the market.

Morris Bailey, the current helmsman of Resorts Casino Hotel, acknowledges the anchor Mohegan provided against tumbling tides, lending stability and direction in tumultuous times. With Mohegan’s guidance, Bailey now finds the casino shipshape and sea-worthy to sail solo, a testament to a partnership that has fulfilled its purpose with honor.

For Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, horizons brim with promise—from the nascent splendor of the Inspire Entertainment Resort nestled in Korea’s Incheon International Airport to the urban allure of Virgin Las Vegas. Their North American endeavors prosper, with jewels dotting the landscape from Connecticut’s flagship Mohegan Sun to the splendid Ilani in Washington state and their double-crowned presence in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

As for Resorts Casino’s future, a new captain has yet to be named. Speculation drifts among potential successors, but what is certain is that whoever takes the helm will navigate the choppy waters of a highly competitive world. For now, Resorts stands as a testament to the legacies forged by Mohegan Gaming, Morris Bailey, and all who have walked its floors—an indelible imprint on the gambling map, etched just steps from the crashing waves of the Atlantic.

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