Beneath the sultry Florida skies, an unexpected drama unfolded as Ben “Mintzy” Mintz, the vivacious personality known for his vibrant contributions to Barstool Sports, took the poker world by storm. Mintz, characteristically alive with excitement, couldn’t contain his glee on social media, tweeting about his miraculous ascent to chip leader status with just fourteen players remaining. The prize that hung tantalizingly within reach? A cool $120,000.

Mintz’s journey was the stuff of legends, punctuated by a riveting hand that saw him river quads—a term in poker that translates to a hand featuring four cards of the same rank—in what can only be termed a ‘CRAZY Hand!’

However, not all was celebratory in Mintzy land. For while Mintz was maneuvering his way to victory, he was simultaneously absent from the Barstool Combine—an obligatory corporate carnival of amateur athleticism and professional revelry—taking place a staggering 1,300 miles away in Chicago.

The anticipation of a deep run at the Palm Beach Kennel Club’s $2.5K Moneymaker Tour Main Event had been a distant thought for Mintz, who, upon finding himself much deeper in the tournament than imagined, faced an unenviable decision. Unfortunately, this choice did not sit well with Dave Portnoy, the notoriously brusque founder of Barstool Sports, who vocally disapproved of Mintz choosing poker tables over his duties at the Combine.

Portnoy’s dissatisfaction manifest as swift as a poker shuffle, taking to Twitter with a punitive declaration that every dollar Mintz won would be docked from his salary. Portnoy’s complaint carved through the digital sphere like a hot knife through butter, leaving an unmistakable message: Work before play.

Mintz’s response came staggered and apologetic via a telephone conversation shared online by Portnoy, who was unimpressed with the prospect of Mintzy’s poker winnings replacing his salary. The Barstool founder’s message was straightforward—if Mintz preferred the poker lifestyle, then he ought to abandon his corporate commitments fully and dive into the cards.

Before embarking on his contentious journey with Barstool Sports, Mintz boasted a portfolio as a seasoned poker player, his winnings surpassing the $600K mark, as recorded in the Hendon Mob Database. The current stakes, however, suggested he was on the precipice of his career’s most significant win—a triumph that would eclipse his notable 75th-place finish at the 2011 WSOP Main Event, netting him just over $90K.

The social media landscape echoed with voices of solidarity for Mintz. Yet, the public reproach from his boss on Instagram could only serve to unsettle him as he navigated towards the grand prize.

Mintz’s tenure at Barstool has been anything but smooth sailing. Previously, an abrupt dismissal followed his recital of explicit lyrics during a live stream, an act that culminated in an admission of regret from Mintz and disciplinary action deemed vital by then-Barstool owner, the casino operator Penn Entertainment, to preserve its licenses.

An unexpected twist of corporate fate roughly a year later saw Penn Entertainment severing ties with Barstool and Portnoy, deeming them high-stakes liabilities. The sellback to Portnoy—a move that transformed him into a rich free agent—ironically empowered him to re-employ Mintz.

As the web of this narrative began to entangle, news crashed like thunder—Mintz was ousted from the tournament in the 8th position, securing a consolation prize of $14,600.

A somber tweet followed: “I ain’t happy.” Resolved, Mintz declared his intent to board a Chicago-bound plane posthaste.

One can’t help but commend his resilience and wish him auspicious fortunes.

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