Amidst the shimmering lights and ever-pulsating heart of Las Vegas, a one-of-a-kind spectacle beckons the most extravagant of dreamers. Imagine orchestrating the dance of the world-renowned Bellagio fountains: a chance to summon arcs of water to leap and twirl to your chosen melody, casting spumes into the desert sky in a ballet of illuminated jets. This extraordinary possibility is no longer just a fantasy but rather the premier offering in a dazzling auction for Marriott International’s loyalty members, showcasing their new alliance with MGM Mirage.

The mechanics of this rare opportunity are simple, yet the experience promises to be anything but. The highest bidder will garner the honor of selecting a tune, paired with a visit to WET, the acclaimed Los Angeles-based designers behind the aquatic marvel. There, the patron will curate the movements for the fountains’ one thousand streams, scripting the liquid symphony that has entranced millions.

The spectacle does not end with a mere click of a mouse. The victor and a quintet of lucky companions will be swept away to Sin City itself to witness the debut of their creation—VIP style. Flights will whisk them to the entertainment capital of the world, where a luxurious two-night sojourn at the SLS Beverly Hills awaits, followed by a three-night indulgence inside a sumptuous Bellagio penthouse suite.

At present, the battle for the Bellagio’s aquatic artistry stands at 702,500 points, equivalent to a valuation of approximately $6,322.

Yet, for those whose imaginations lie in realms beyond the enchantment of fountains, the “Marriott Bonvoy Moments” has more to offer: exclusive tours peeling back the curtains on Cirque du Soleil’s wondrous productions “O,” “Ka,” “Michael Jackson ONE,” and “Mad Apple.” Noteworthy too is the “Ultimate Golf Weekend,” promising swings upon the lush greens of MGM’s clandestine Shadow Creek Golf Course in North Las Vegas, with the luxury of personal caddies, a VIP suite at Topgolf housed within the lofty MGM Grand, and a stay cloaked in the opulence of an Aria Sky Suite.

Yet, a shadow lingers—the claim of this being the maiden instance in a quarter-century for an outsider to choreograph the fabled fountains is not entirely accurate. Precedence was set in 2012 when a similar chance was marketed for half a million dollars, and yet again in 2017, albeit song choice absent choreographic control for a quarter-million.

These grandiose moments unfold in the wake of a strategic partnership harmonized between Marriott’s colossal member base of 182 million and MGM’s considerable retreat of 40 million loyalists. Announced in the sunlit days of July, the fruition of this alliance experienced a mysterious postponement—speculations point to the nefarious September cyberattacks as the potential saboteur.

The thrones of member devotion now intertwine, as members of MGM Rewards may link their loyalty to Marriott’s program, casting their bids into this luxurious fray. But make haste as the gavel falls on April 4, sealing the fates of these lavish Las Vegas extravaganzas.

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