In the shimmering deserts of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates emerges as a place of boundless opportunity—an oasis in the realm of luxury and leisure. As CEO Bill Hornbuckle peers across the dunes of prospective markets, he discerns a distinct silhouette of potential that beckons: the UAE, with its opulent cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, both ripe with possibilities for the acclaimed MGM Resorts International.

During a meeting with the sagacious minds at the J.P. Morgan Gaming, Lodging, Restaurant & Leisure Management Access Forum, Hornbuckle indulges in a vivid dialogue with esteemed analyst Joseph Greff. Here he unveils grand visions—MGM’s hotel in Dubai stands nobly, a beacon of splendor that, for now, eschews the casino’s clamor for a more serene hospitality experience. Yet, whispers of change are carried on the wind: should the UAE authorities unfurl the sails of casino gaming regulations, MGM stands ready to navigate those promising seas.

*”And then we would hope either through an opportunity in Abu Dhabi, which is something we will understand and pursue or in Dubai. We will go after one, realizing and recognizing that the ruler of each Emirate has to approve that. And so that is how that works,”* Hornbuckle declares, his voice echoing with anticipation of the decrees to come.

The tale weaves itself across oceans, to where the Empire City racino in Yonkers dispenses its own brand of enchantment. Here, in the bustling heart of New York, Hornbuckle’s eyes gleam with foresight as he sees MGM perfectly poised—like a stalwart knight awaiting his accolade—to clinch one of the coveted downstate casino permits. Yet the timing of such an accolade, like the denouement of a drama, remains veiled in uncertainty.

*”We hope this summer to hear something,”* Hornbuckle muses, an air of mystery lingering amidst the certainty of success. It’s a scene set for revelation—the state’s beckoning calls for proposals inch ever closer, a mere breath away from spring awakening.

With an eye to the future, should fortune favor MGM with a downstate license, their hammers would sing against steel and stone, forging an expanded Empire City to rise from the earth in mid-2026.

Yet the narrative stretches even further, to where the waters of the Andaman caress Thailand’s golden shores. Here, a parliament committee teases the notion of casinos—a wager that could tilt the scales of Southeast Asian gaming. Hornbuckle, ever astute, sends emissaries to the Land of Smiles, MGM’s government liaisons discreetly sowing the seeds for what might one day flower into a resplendent gaming Eden.

The journey here is nascent, the path undefined, but Hornbuckle treads with care, his strategy prudently hinging upon the robustness of forthcoming Thai regulations.

*”We’re like everyone. There’s a host of the usual characters poking around. Looking for sites look for partners,”* Hornbuckle confides, recognizing that he is but one among many visionaries drawn to Thailand’s untapped potential.

In these riveting tales of opportunity, of empires yet to be built in lands both ancient and new, Hornbuckle stands as architect and dreamer, his eyes fixed upon horizons that promise the splendor of fortunes to those bold enough to claim them.

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