In the world of the ultra-wealthy, upheaval and grandiosity often go hand in hand. Take Steve Wynn, for example—the casino mogul whose touch once turned every venture into gold, only to fall from grace amidst a storm of scandal. Though his name may have been tarnished, Forbes affirms that his net worth remains a staggering $3.4 billion. In a surprising twist, Wynn is entering an alliance with online trading titan Thomas Peterffy—a union not less curious for their shared billionaire status than their apparent fondness for real estate spectacle.

The object of their shared interest? A luxurious 22,000 square-foot compound nestled at the foot of Aspen’s Red Mountain, a residence worthy of the grandeur and drama that appears to follow these magnates. This home, a testament to extravagance, stands as the first in Aspen to shatter the $100 million ceiling, settling in at an impressive $110 million.

It is an enigma as to why these two potentates have decided to break bread over brick and mortar. Speculation abounds, with the seductive strains of a certain sitcom’s theme faintly echoing—could it be an “Odd Couple” of the financial echelons? The whispers grow louder when considering that Wynn and Peterffy are far from strangers, previously neighbors in the lush landscapes of Palm Beach.

The estate’s former master? Patrick Dovigi, the erstwhile guardian of the goal in the frozen hockey rinks of Canada. In a swift play recalling the lithe maneuvers on ice, Dovigi’s investment bloomed from a $72.5 million acquisition in 2021 to a jackpot sale.

This architectural marvel, born in the luxury bloom of 2006, spreads its opulence over 4.5 acres of prime mountain base. The grand residence coupled with its guesthouse boasts a legion of eleven bedrooms. An outdoor pool, heated as to scoff at the chill of Aspen, and a garage complete the picture of grandiose living.

But for Wynn, age 82, selling seems just as enticing as buying. A penthouse suite in Manhattan, once tagged at $90 million and then withdrawn from the sale, and a Beverly Hills estate, its price slashed to $65 million from a lofty $135 million in 2020, are among his liquidation list. Just last year, his Palm Beach domicile exchanged hands for $66 million.

The Aspen transaction, however, is not merely an exchange of keys for a king’s ransom of $127 million. This figure also consummates the value of art and the curated contents within, arranged with impeccable taste by Dovigi and his wife, the esteemed designer Fernanda Dovigi.

Through it all, Wynn, the architect of the Wynn Resorts empire, has grappled with the allegations that forced his abdication as chairman and CEO in 2018, with his denials of harassment and assault ringing against the backdrop of an effective ban from Nevada’s casino constellations.

The tale of these two moguls, their newfound real estate camaraderie, and the purchase that has eyebrow-raisers quoting Broadway themes, continues to unfold—its footprint as indelible on the narrative of luxury and controversy as the compound at Red Mountain’s is on the Aspen landscape.

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