Nestled amidst the glittering spectacle of the Las Vegas Strip, a marvel of architectural metamorphosis is on the horizon, set to redefine the skyline—the Versailles Tower at Paris. This storied structure, a sentinel of luxury since its inception, is embarking on a transformation, infusing the old world charm of the Las Vegas yesteryears with a fresh splendor.

Tucked behind the nostalgic blue stripes echoing its Bally’s heritage, the Versailles Tower stands as a unique anomaly within the tumultuous tides of Vegas rebranding. It is here, on the shimmering canvas of Sin City, that a tower has shifted allegiance between sibling sanctuaries whilst remaining a bustling beacon of entertainment.

With an investment hovering around the staggering sum of $100 million, Caesars Entertainment is orchestrating a revival of this edifice. The rejuvenation breathes life into the 756 chambers and grand suites, enveloping them in the tricolor elegance of the French national palette, embodying the spirit of Paris itself.

In a city where novelty reigns, the Versailles claims a trailblazing triumph. It is poised to unveil a first-of-its-kind spectacle—the unveiling of balconies adorning its Bellagio-facing façades. This audacious addition marks the first instantiation of such outdoor luxuries since The Cosmopolitan’s inauguration in the bygone era of 2010. These coveted perches offer guests a theatrical vantage point, from the aquatic ballet of the Fountains of Bellagio to the inaugural roar of Formula 1 cars at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

A historical tapestry unfurls with each layer removed: the tower, christened in 1982 as part of the original MGM Grand’s southern pillar, has weathered the tides of time, assuming identities from Bally’s to the Jubilee and now, the Horseshoe. Yet, even as the north tower dons the new Horseshoe cloak, the Versailles retains a dash of its previous persona, a subtle nod to the Las Vegas of yore.

The narrative of the Versailles is interwoven with the intricate lattice of legal and safety considerations—a hushed conversation among the titans of the resort world. The specter of liability shadows the discourse of balconies, as the tragic potential for misuse led many hotels to seal off such luxuries, a testament to the city’s complex relationship with risk.

Amidst the construction clamor, a second-floor pedestrian bridge emerges, promising seamless passage from the Parisian heart of the resort to the evolving Versailles. Guests will no longer navigate the earthbound pathways snaking through the Horseshoe’s embrace, but rather, will traverse the skies to reach this renewed realm of grandeur.

While the crescendo of hammers and the ballet of cranes continue to ply their trade, the city waits with bated breath for the Versailles Tower’s renaissance. Though concrete dates elude the eager public, whispers of the grand reveal align with the advent of the Grand Prix’s second procession on November 21-23—a fitting coronation for a regal revamp. In the land of perpetual evolution, the Versailles Tower stands as a testament to innovation and the enduring allure of Las Vegas luxury.

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