Stepping into the high-stakes realm of Nashville hospitality, it seems Blake Shelton’s monopoly on country star-endorsed restaurants and bars is about to get some friendly competition. Morgan Wallen, gaining recognition as the foremost country icon of the current decade, is branching out from the music studio to the culinary world. The forthcoming launch of his This Bar and Tennessee Kitchen aims to craft an oasis for both food connoisseurs and music aficionados alike.

Wallen, who graced the stage of “The Voice” at the tender age of twenty and shares an invisible thread of connection to Shelton through the show’s network, is riding the wave of his skyrocketing music career straight into the hospitality industry. As a seasoned performer, he is no stranger to the spotlight, and yet, the step from a performer to a proprietor of a dual bar and restaurant endeavor marks a bold new act in his ascending narrative.

The hype is building for This Bar’s first act in Nashville, where the curtain is set to rise this summer. The establishment, a sprawling six-story, 30,000 square-foot marvel, promises a blend of savory Southern cuisine and live music that salutes the heart of country culture. Wallen’s vision echoes that of Shelton’s own Ole Red, yet stands alone as a singular hymn to Tennessee tradition.

The stakes are higher with the announcement of a Vegas encore, a second This Bar location, taking over 10,000 square feet across two levels within the retail realm of the 63 Las Vegas Mall. It’s a location poised at the neon crossroads of Harmon Avenue and the Strip, where it will invite patrons to scale new heights of indulgence atop its elliptical rooftop balcony.

A symphony of collaborations harmonize in this venture, with Wallen partnering with the seasoned TC Restaurant Group. In the background, a building permit application sings to the tune of a $9.75 million investment into this ‘Vegas Country Music Restaurant,’ marking another ambitiously pitched note in Wallen’s career.

Amid the orchestration of these dining debuts and ventures, a whisper of change vibrates through the Las Vegas food scene. Holsteins, the burger joint that became a Cosmopolitan staple, faces the final curtain this summer as rumors, fueled by the whispers circulating through the grapevine, suggest it will make way for a newcomer under the direction of Clique Hospitality. These whispers, though unconfirmed, resonate with the rhythm of change that beats across the city.

Further, adding diversity to Las Vegas’s culinary portfolio, Bojangles, the beloved Southern fast-food franchise, sets its sights on a strategic expansion that will introduce its savory flavors to the city’s dining scene. From its humble beginnings in Charlotte, NC to a powerhouse across states, the brand plans to build a nest of new eateries within the city, distanced from the shimmer of The Strip yet within the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

As the culinary symphony in Vegas swells, El Herradero Nightclub bows out. Once a fixture of North Las Vegas, the establishment closed its doors, its final act dictated by the Southern Nevada Health District.

In the harmony of openings and closings, the perpetual dance of the dining industry continues apace, each new chapter promising an adventure for the palate and a feast for the ears, as stars like Morgan Wallen infuse their stardom into the dining domain.

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