In the beating heart of nostalgia-fueled Las Vegas, the venerable El Cortez—the oldest bastion of gambling continuously weaving its enchantments since its inception—prepares to peel back the years and reveal a visage refreshed. The storied establishment, ever the silent raconteur of a bygone era, is set for a transformation, a harmonious blending of history and modernity.

El Cortez, a name that echoes through the annals of gaming history, dating back to its celebrated opening on November 7th, 1941, will soon beat the drum to the tune of progress with an extensive $20 million renovation. The facelift will touch upon 10,000 square feet of its revered gaming floor, while extending its domain by an additional 5,000 square feet, an expansion whispered in the corridors of time with both fondness for the past and anticipation for the future.

As patrons step onto the casino floor, they will soon be greeted by a newly minted high-limit lounge, exuding elegance and promising exclusivity. Not content with a mere nod to the sumptuous air of pre-WWII, the lounge is conceived to capture and embody the very essence of that bygone golden age. Alongside this luxurious enclave, two distinct bars are set to arise from the heart of El Cortez, each crafted to complement the vintage vibe of this Las Vegas icon.

Echoing the whirr of the roulette wheel, one bar will be precisely that—a “roulette” bar—in which the thrill of the spinning game melds seamlessly with the clink of glasses and the murmur of convivial conversation. The second establishment, a “show” bar, plays to a different crowd, one that seeks the delight of black-and-white films unfurling on a grand 10-by-20-foot screen or perhaps the roar of live sports, while they sip on their concoctions of choice.

But with a gentle yet firm embrace of the 21st century, El Cortez also casts an eye on the preferences of the Millennieals and Gen-Zers, offering new haunts—a restaurant hot with the flavors of Hot Noods by Chinglish and the omnipresent, froth-topped allure of a Starbucks.

These latest endeavors shadow a recent $30 million upgrade that saw the rejuvenation of the hotel’s original 47 rooms, Tower Premium accommodations, and modernized casino restrooms. It’s a testament to the unwavering devotion to excellence, as Kenny Epstein, El Cortez’s CEO and Chair, announced with proud fervor. The unveiling of the casino’s next chapter arrives as demand surges for a taste of the indelible charm of downtown Vegas and its Fremont Street.

As the summer sun beats down upon the timeless facade of the building, settled snugly on its half-a-block between Sixth and Seventh Streets, construction hammers will echo, heralding the dawning of a new yet familiar epoch. The process, expected to unfurl its wings and take flight this summer, will close its wings and settle as early as the following year, ready to welcome a fresh wave of old souls and new seekers of fortune to El Cortez, a gem polished anew.

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