In the neon-lit embrace of AREA15’s The Portal, an event unlike any other is set to cast its surreal spell upon the world of raves. Picture this: a night enshrouded by the infectious energy of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po—the iconic Teletubbies—as they beckon you into their fantastical realm of Tubbyland. This dazzling spectacle, dubbed the “House of Teletubbies: Tubbyland Rave,” promises to ignite the dance floor on the balmy evening of Friday, June 21st.

Visitors are welcomed into what has been described as both “a whimsical journey filled with hypnotic beats and dazzling visuals” and “a colorful wonderland complete with immersive light shows, pulsating music and interactive elements that will keep attendees dancing all night long.” It’s an invitation to cast aside the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, the choice of narrative is yours to craft.

For those whose childhoods were graced or perhaps gently haunted by the surreal phenomenon of a BBC children’s show running from 1997 to 2001, the Teletubbies were a quartet of plush, oddly adorable creatures whose nonsensical babble and pronounced televisions embedded onto their bellies left an indelible mark. The toddlers who once sat engrossed by their antics have matured into young adults, making a Tubby-themed rave not just apropos, but an anticipated rite of passage.

AREA15 stands as a revolutionary force redefining what a rave can be, marrying the power of nostalgia with a generous stirring of creative ingenuity and avant-garde entertainment. As described by AREA15’s maestro of merrymaking, Noah Kessler, themed raves fuse cherished memories with the pulsating essence of modern night life—though his corporate-tinged vocabulary belies any implication that he’ll be throwing shapes amidst the nocturnal revellers.

Eligible for anyone 18 and older, with IDs at the ready for those intending to drink, the event plays the perfect host to those who truly understand the Teletubbies’ return to the zeitgeist. For the uninitiated under 23, the nuances of Tubby nostalgia may fly high over their heads.

The Portal awaits, its doors thrown open at 9 p.m. on that fateful Friday, June 21st, inviting guests to an odyssey that extends until 1 a.m. on Saturday. Expect your senses to be entranced, your feet to find the rhythm, and your heart to throb to the beats. General admission tickets beckon you, a mere starting at $17.95 away from an epic saga under the watchful eyes of the Teletubbies.

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