In a tempest of controversy that swirled through cyberspace this past weekend, Dan Bilzerian, an infamous figure at the high-stakes poker tables, lobbed incendiary criticism at the nation of Israel and the influential lobby, AIPAC. His digital missive, rife with contentious claims, captivated over 2.2 million viewers, leaving a trace of discord and virality in its wake.

Once again leveraging the platform – the pulse of the world, once known simply as Twitter – Bilzerian espoused theories laden with conspiracy. He posited that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee exerts control over the U.S. government in ways that prioritize Israeli concerns above American ones.

With the candor of a maverick, Bilzerian tossed in the allegation that the sordid and criminal exploits of the late [Jeffery] Epstein were orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad for the purpose of blackmailing United States politicians. The specter of Epstein lingers; a convicted sex offender whose shadowy dealings once found a stage on the private oasis of Little Saint James in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Diving deeper into the eye of conspiracy, Bilzerian asserted that the Covid-19 pandemic was orchestrated for the benefit of Israeli pharmaceutical companies. He continued down this rabbit hole by suggesting that these companies amassed billions while an “Israeli-controlled” government and media machinery imposed their will upon the American people, describing the United States as an “occupied nation.”

These polarizing utterances soon became a magnet for similarly anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments, garnering hundreds of echoes beneath Bilzerian’s original commentary.

The waves made by Bilzerian’s statements reached international shores, prompting Israel’s premier publication, the Jerusalem Post, to spotlight his words in one of their articles.

Prior to this incident, June 10 witnessed Bilzerian cast aspersions on AIPAC, demanding its registration as a foreign agent before peace could be restored to the identity of the United States. And if his stance wasn’t crystal clear, his May 28 pronouncement removed all doubt: “In case y’all were confused on where I stand, let me be clear, F**k Israel,” as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

Inquiries for a response directed to AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League, an organization combating anti-Semitism and championing civil rights, remained unanswered as of Sunday.

Who exactly is this brash antagonist swirling at the center of this tempest? Bilzerian, age 43, is dubbed the “King of Instagram,” known as much for his flamboyant playboy persona as his poker prowess. A native of Tampa, Florida, Bilzerian was once a recognizable figure on the Las Vegas scene.

His poker credentials include a noteworthy performance at the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, boasting a 180th place finish. He also recounts a particular night where the cards were in his favor, netting him a monumental $10.8 million win.

Beyond the poker table, Bilzerian is an entrepreneur, having established Ignite International Brands Ltd. The company’s eclectic product line ranges from CBD oils to electronic cigarettes, vodka, and even water bottles.

His ambitions transcended the business and gambling worlds when he threw his hat into the political ring, embarking on a bid for U.S. president in 2016.

However, Bilzerian’s encounters with the law have also painted a streak of notoriety across his image. In 2015, he averted imprisonment but faced a monetary penalty for negligently sparking a fire on federal grounds near Las Vegas – a blemish on a rather colorful milieu.

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