In an audacious fusion of sports and sponsorship, Circa Sports has carved its emblem onto the fabric of ice hockey history by securing the official jersey patch sponsorship of the storied Chicago Blackhawks for the 2024-25 NHL season. This alliance comes hot on the heels of the Florida Panthers’ triumphant clinch of the 2024 Stanley Cup, setting the stage for what promises to be a groundbreaking year.

Owned by the visionary Derek Stevens, Circa Sports solidifies its standing in the world of professional sports by adding the Blackhawks to its roster alongside its existing deal with the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The revered brand stands among a coterie of enterprises with the unique distinction of multiple jersey patch agreements within the same league, mirroring deals struck within the NBA by peers Ibotta and Motorola.

The Circa Sports insignia will grace Blackhawks jerseys for the first time at the pinnacle of talent scouting – the 2024 Upper Deck NHL Draft. Moreover, the partnership will bask in the limelight during the highly anticipated unveiling of the Blackhawks’ 2024-25 regular season schedule, which will emerge with the warmth of the early summer.

With a heritage that harkens back to the NHL’s founding days, the Blackhawks have hoisted the coveted Lord Stanley’s cup aloft on six historic occasions, with a triumphant hat-trick of victories from 2010 to 2015. Although financial specifics of the Circa-Blackhawks collaboration remain under wraps, the ties that bind promise mutual prosperity.

Circa’s strategic maneuvering within Illinois, heralded in May 2022 through a partnership with Full House Resorts, lays a strong foundation rooted in its sportsbook expertise and bold embrace of sharp bettors. As it rolls out mobile sports betting in the Prairie State and steers popular NFL contests Circa Million and Circa Survivor, the operator cements its presence, spawning a legion of avid followers.

Cementing the synergy between Circa and the Blackhawks is the electrifying presence of Connor Bedard. At just 18, Bedard has already become the linchpin of the franchise, wielding his hockey stick with the prowess that has earmarked him as one of the NHL’s luminary talents.

Extending beyond the Midwest, Circa’s tendrils reach into the diverse markets of Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, and Nevada with its online sports wagering services.

In a broader sweep across the icy expanse, the NHL has progressively embraced the symbiotic relationship with gaming firms, seeking out ever-closer affiliations at team and league echelons. November last saw the league anoint Penn Entertainment’s ESPN Bet as its official sports betting buddy.

Inching closer to the rink are gaming sponsorships that have entwined with franchises like the Arizona Coyotes, Vegas’s very own Golden Knights, and the Washington Capitals in cords of partnership.

A remarkable 17 teams, over half of the NHL, have heralded their associations with sportsbook operators. This trend persists despite the regulatory complexities headlined by six American teams in states sans online sports wagering and Canadian teams situated in provinces with nascent sports betting landscapes.

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