In the shimmering heat of a Las Vegas summer, the highest court in the land shook the foundations of the American sports wagering landscape. The reverberations of the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act were felt far and wide, but nowhere more acutely than the glimmering desert oasis of Nevada—the erstwhile ruler of the nation’s regulated betting scene. As the dust settled, one truth became as clear as a high-stakes gambler’s calculation: Nevada’s tight grip on sports wagering was slipping away.

At the heart of this seismic shift lies an anachronistic tether binding Nevadans to casinos—a requirement mandating in-person registration for mobile sports betting accounts. This ironclad rule commands that residents must tread through the neon-lit corridors of gambling parlors to avail themselves of a wagering medium that, by its nature, promises liberty from such physical constraints.

Picture the wagering enthusiast, enticed by the array more opulent than the last, within Sin City’s confines. This bettor dreams of placing stakes on spectacular sporting events with the ease of a finger’s swish on their mobile device. To them, the romance of the pursuit lies in seizing the moment, wherever and whenever the impulse strikes—BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, Circa Sports, all calling to them with a siren’s allure. Yet instead of instant gratification, they face a painstaking pilgrimage to each casino’s stronghold to forge their bettor’s allegiance anew.

Michael Schaus of Schaus Creative LLC has lent his voice to the matter, positing in The Nevada Independent that beyond a mere inconvenience lies a tangible affront—an affront with consequences resonating through the valley’s economy and into the state’s coffers. Nevada’s sports betting revenues are witnessing a slow strangulation at the hands of rigid regulations—an odious comparison when held against the flourishing market of Arizona, a land where the blossoms of online sportsbook registration flourish unencumbered.

April heralded a historic tipping point: Arizona’s sportsbook operators outstripped their Nevadan counterparts in bets booked by a chasm of $87 million. It was a stark contrast to the previous year’s accounts where despite Nevada’s higher volume of bets, Arizona harvested a richer yield in revenue, underscoring the efficacy of unfettered mobile registration.

This regulation-infused disadvantage casts a shadow over the Silver State, precluding sports wagering titans FanDuel and DraftKings from planting their flags in Nevada’s soil. With every passing day, speculation swirls over the possibility of change, as these behemoths weigh the odds of investing in brick-and-mortar facilities in Nevada to gain a foothold.

Even amidst this tumult, some warriors of wager remain undeterred. Professional bettors journey to the outskirts, to the precipice where Nevada kisses Arizona, there to engage with platforms offering a cornucopia of betting options, untouched by Las Vegas’s regulatory grip.

Yet Nevada’s neighbors offer a felicitous advantage, with neighboring states like California, Idaho, and Utah still steeped in sports betting prohibition, and Oregon’s betting scene held in the singular thrall of DraftKings’ monopoly. Here, the allure of Nevada’s venerable wagering bastions endures, drawing devotees across state lines who seek the legendary aura of a bet placed amid the sanctum of gaming’s ancestral abode.

As Nevada grapples with the future of sports betting, the city of light and the state at large find themselves at a crossroads, caught between the allure of tradition and the pressing wind of progress. What’s clear is that in the great gamble for sports betting supremacy, the house doesn’t always win—sometimes, it must learn a new game.

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