In the heart of Nashua, New Hampshire, the Pheasant Lane Mall is undergoing a transformation that will infuse the town with a novel vibrancy. Soon to emerge from the erstwhile shell of a Sears store is The Nash Casino, a name elegantly chosen to embody the confluence of old charm and new fortune. Nestled within the mall’s familiar contours, the casino promises to be a beacon of entertainment and benevolence.

The vision for The Nash Casino takes shape under the consummate expertise of ECL Entertainment, the Las Vegas-based gaming gurus with a portfolio that includes the acclaimed Mint Casino at Kentucky Downs. Their alliance with the keen minds at Clairvest, a private equity firm hailing from Toronto, guarantees a foundation of robust investment and innovation for the Nashua project.

Beyond its striking modern exterior lies the heart of the casino: a sprawling, two-tiered expanse of 180,000 square feet, destined to become home to over a thousand historic horse race (HHR) machines and a plethora of table games that promise to keep the adrenaline surging and the stakes high.

Yet, The Nash Casino aspires to more than just gaming glory. In a magnanimous gesture, 35% of its profits will bolster the coffers of non-profits, potentially channeling approximately $24 million annually towards uplifting over 100 charitable organizations, as heralded by local New Hampshire TV station WMUR.

As the promise of this entertainment haven draws near, with opening slated for the coming winter, there is a palpable excitement about the influx of employment it heralds. Between 500 and 600 local talents will find a place within The Nash Casino, weaving a tapestry of livelihoods and opportunities.

But the path to prosperity is not without its dissenters. Residents like Mags Pattantyus question whether the allure of casino revenue truly aligns with Nashua’s trajectory, while others express trepidation over the peculiarities of policing, given the casino’s parking lots slumber in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. There are also murmurs of incongruity, a fear that the casino’s adult vibrancy may clash with the family-friendly ambiance of the mall, as voiced by local, Bill Ohm.

However, there are those who perceive The Nash Casino as a catalyst for rejuvenation. Jesse Dellea cherishes the prospect of locals finding gainful employment within its walls, while Stefan Hausberger, a stalwart local business owner, envisions the casino lending a new energy to the Daniel Webster Highway’s commercial expanse.

Blessed by a 4-to-1 endorsement from the Nashua Planning Board, The Nash Casino will inherit the legacy of two beloved local establishments, The Lucky Moose Casino & Tavern and The River Casino & Sports Bar, as their licenses merge into this ambitious new venture.

Owned by Simon Property Group, the Pheasant Lane Mall stands at the cusp of a new chapter, set to embrace the audacious spirit of The Nash Casino—a hub of entertainment, charity, and community prosperity soon to rise in Nashua.

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