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We all want to win real money when betting online. Naturally, real money online casinos are the best way to go about doing that. What makes a top real money casino, what games should they offer, and what do these games need to provide you with? Why should you play free demo games when you can’t win real money? Why is it important which payment methods and terms a real money casino has, if you want to win? Read our guide to help you get a handle on what real money casinos are and what they should be. Let us begin…

What Makes a Top Real Money Casino?

Real Money

When one thinks of a top real money casino, their mind will often go straight to a few things – big money bonuses, progressive jackpot wins, and great games. There is, however, much more to real money casinos than that. To ensure that you are playing at the absolute best real money casinos on the net, you need a checklist which allows you to compare your chosen casino with its rivals. Here are a few things to look for:

Licensing and Security: You only want to play with the safest, licensed casinos. Any casinos which are not well licensed or offer insufficient player protection are the least likely to pay you your real money winnings.

Fast and Proper Payouts: You do not want to win millions of euros on a jackpot slot, only to receive your winnings in small, monthly instalments. This will not suffice. The best real money casinos will pay out your winnings in full.

Bonuses and Promotions: Big bonuses are important, but only if they come with fair terms and conditions. Any bonuses which slap a fistful of wagering requirements on you will stop you withdrawing your real money winnings as quickly as you might like.

Of course, it helps if you can find a casino which not only fits the bill in all of the above criteria, but also has a top reputation, excellent customer support, and provides mobile-friendly gameplay, with hundreds (if not thousands) of games from many of today’s leading providers. Casinos such as Live.Casino manage this with ease. If you do not find that your casino fits the bill, perhaps it is time to jump ship to a site like Live.Casino?

Top Real Money Casino Games

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The best real money casinos will also feature a wealth of games. After all, you do not want to get stuck playing the same slot machine again and again. A little variance can mix things up and improve your chances of winning. When one big money jackpot has been won, you want to be able to comfortably move over to another slot and have a crack at that game’s jackpot instead. To ensure that this is possible, the best real money casinos will carry a plethora of games from many top providers.

Cleopatra Casino fits the bill here. This casino has over 4,000 games for you to choose from, with the internet’s most popular jackpot slots ready and waiting for you to play. Being able to select from many titles helps you improve your chances of landing real money wins, and so casinos like Cleopatra Casino score highly with us.

Good Gaming Options for All


Having a top selection of slots and table games is not all the best real money casinos can offer. They will also be able to provide you with a wide selection of variants. You will likely know that the best real money slots should have high RTP rates. However, what about volatility? Low volatile games are best suited or players who prefer small winnings and want to win often. Highly volatile games suit players who do not mind waiting for a big, epic win to come along. The best real money casinos should offer both.

Paradise Casino is a shining example of such a casino. It has a terrific mixture of low variance games, and highly volatile slots while maintaining that balance with medium volatile games. Paradise Casino also features games with adjustable volatility, so you can tailor your experience to your playing style.

Free to Play Games Are A Must

Free to play

The best real money online casinos will also feature free to play games. We know that you cannot win anything with demo games, but that is not the point. There is an advantage to playing them. All the best real money sites should offer free play games, as these allow you to practice and test-drive slots for free. For instance, by playing free-to-play slots, you can learn how they work long before you wager your real money on them.

It is online casinos such as which excel at doing this. They have over 5,000 games, most of which have demo modes available. Getting in a spot of practice beforehand (especially with table games) allows you to practice strategies, find the optimal bet for your balance and learn how all a game’s features work, long before you risk your own cash.

Timely Payouts With Minimum Fuss


There is absolutely no point in playing real money games if you cannot get hold of your winnings promptly. It is essential that real money casinos offer a top variety of payment methods, have an easy to complete KYC process, high withdrawal limits, and flexible wagering requirements. Here is why…

All the things we have mentioned above can potentially slow down the speed at which you can get hold of your winnings. Other things to look out for include expensive fees attached to withdrawal methods, slow payment methods like bank transfers and cheques, as well as some dodgy casinos not paying out your jackpot prizes in full. The best real money casinos will undoubtedly avoid all these pitfalls, just like the four casinos listed above do.

Play at the Best Real Money Casinos Today

Best Websites

While we recommend Live.Casino, Cleopatra Casino, Paradise Casino and for all the reasons listed above, they certainly are not the only top sites out there. Do not hesitate to explore some of our other recommended real money casinos to ensure that you play at fair, trusted and leading online casinos which offer the best real money games today.