Living with another person especially not related to you is very challenging. There will be some concerns and you need to resolve it in order to have a good and healthy relationship. Below are some common roomate issues and ways on how to solve them.

  • Untidiness or Disorderliness

Some people are very strict and meticulous particularly in having a clean and organize place to live in. However, there are some who just clean once in a while. If one roommate pay no attention to cleanliness then there will be a big problem. It can lead to argument sooner or later.

Solution: Talk to your roommate in a pleasant manner. Explain that he or she has a responsibility to keep the shared place neat and in order. Both of you will benefit from it anyway.

  • Getting things without permission

Having a roommate who takes your belongings without asking is one of the worst and horrible offenses. It really can be irritating once you found out that one of your valuables is missing.

Solution: In situation like this you need to be calm and again, talk in a plesant manner. Approach your roomamte in a way that is less likely to lead to conflict. Remember, ask but don’t accuse. Boundaries are really important and it’s much better to let your roommate know that without being too offensive.

  • Splitting up costs

Bear in mind that roommates doesn’t just mean sharing space. It also mean sharing the cost of living in the house or apartment too. It’s frustating to always asks someone for their half of the rent every month. Sometimes it’s tough asking about money second or third time.

Solution: There are some payment-sharing apps that you can introduce to your roommate. It’s an easy way to pay each other back for things then send a request to them whenever someone owed you money instead of waiting for them to have the initiative of their own. You can try Venmo or Splitwise.

  • Unexpected “third roommate”

Does your roommate’s significant other always stay at your apartment? Sometimes spending to much time at your place can be disturbing. There are moments wherein you want to rest and relax in the living room but you can’t because someone is occupying the couch.

Solution: You have to resolve this issue as soon as possible. The longer you go without saying anything, the more difficult to bring it up. It’s not fair if somebody is living in your place without your permission. Make it clear with your roommate and inform that their companion cannot over stay unless that person is willing to contribute for the rent.

  • Noises

Many roommate relationship has been ruined because of noise. It can be because of loud music playing all day, slamming doors, loud voices etc. Noises can be frustrating especially if you are relaxing, sleeping or even engaged on something.

Solution: You need to let your roommate know and say something. You can also try to negotionate with each other and set some rules with things like music and other unwanted noises. Being clear on noise issue and coming up with an agreement or guidelines is often all it takes.


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