Every time you’re on the road you can’t avoid hot-tempered, annoying and aggressive drivers. You’ll encounter aggressive behaviors such as tailgating, unnecessary horn honking, verbal assaults and unfriendly hand gestures. According to studies 80% of drivers experience great anger, violent behavior or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the previous year.

Aggressive and violent drivers are extremely dangerous but good abiding drivers need to share the road with them. There are some simple advices on how to stay safe and out of harm when you encounter these aggressive drivers.

  • Check and analyze your own behavior

When you feel that some motorists are getting frustrated on you maybe it’s time to check your own driving skills. If you see someone tailgating at you, check whether you’re driving too slowly, straddling lanes or doing something to make the driver mad. If so, correct your own driving mistake and move on.

  • Let others pass

We all know that tailgating is dangerous and unsafe on the road. If you encounter drivers who are honking their horn or tailgating at you just simply let them pass. Let’s just hope that they will move on and calm down.

  • Pay no attention to bad behavior

If you see a driver making frustrated hand gestures or verbally attacking you and other drivers as well, it’s better to just disengage. As much as possible, do not make eye contact, do not follow and confront the driver to teach him or her lesson. The best thing to do is ignore them.

  • Practice acceptance

Try to be open-minded. Sometimes if you see a driver that seems to be in a hurry or aggressive on the road, there may actually be an urgent situation. One example is a driver is doing a lane-swerving and speeding up because it’s a medical emergency and the driver may actually be rushing someone to the hospital. So keep in mind that not all bad driving behavior is because of being hot-tempered and impatient attitude. Also, if you come across a bad driver just simply take a deep breath and accept that the problem is not you, it’s them. This will make you calm rather than get caught up in the aggression, which can be harmful.

  • Pull over

The best thing you can do when an aggressive driver is on your tail is to simply pull over into a parking lot, gas station or restaurant. Let the impatient driver move on and you relax for awhile before getting back on the road.

  • Dial 911

If still the aggressive driver follows you even you already pull off the road, the best thing to do is call 911. Remember to be careful and keep your windows shut and your doors locked.

Source: https://www.automotive-fleet.com/335645/how-to-deal-with-aggressive-drivers

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