Trying to establish your own business before resigning to your day job is really a wise idea. It gives you time to make your business strong and successful while still receiving a steady paycheck. It’s a good way to know if it’s right to have a business of your own.

Being an entrepreneur and employee is a very serious task. Great amount of dedication and motivation is a must. If you can manage the stress of working in a corporate world, chances are you’ve got what it takes to take charge of your own business.

Below are some great tips if you want to start a business of your own while currently being an employee.

  • Learn to Say “No”

Great responsibility is required if want to start your own business while being employed. You only have so many hours in a day, and if you’re running your own business most of time you’re already too busy. Sometimes saying “no” is a must. Stop making everyone happy. Now is the time to know your limitations and you have to be firm in saying “no”. The main key to saying no without offending someone is to keep it simple. Apologize and leave it at that. Remember, if you want to be successful you must know your priorities.

  • 80/20 Everything

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? It means roughly 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes.

Basically, it argues that it’s smartest to focus your energy on the tasks that give you the highest return on investment.

This is true both on your business and personal life. When you have two jobs, don’t be too hard on yourself when some things in your life don’t fall into the right place. Instead of doing everything, why not focus on what’s important.

Example, your house may look a little bit messy but at least you can do enough laundry so that your family can use clean clothes every day. You may not be able to cook but you can try to buy something healthy to eat before you go home.

  • Have time for yourself

Once in a while you need to relax and have time for yourself. Honestly, your business won’t last if you’re unwell and stress. Take a break for the sake of your body and mental health. If you have a healthy body you’d be able to become more productive at the office and be able to think of bright ideas for your business as well. Try to mark your calendar for “me” time. Treat yourself as another client that needs attention too.


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