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Tesla Model 3s Will Come in Non-Optional Bundles with Autopilot


Apparently Tesla does not want to sell the Model 3 without autopilot anymore. And if you want the full self-driving package, expect to spend another few thousand dollars extra.

If someone wants to buy a Model 3 through the official site, the starting price of the ’Standard Range Plus’, the one that is available online at this point, is $39,500 (previously 37,500 with no autopilot). That’s close to the price of the standard Model 3, $35000 plus documents and destination fee, with the full-self driving (FSD) package. To get a new Model 3 without autopilot you have to visit a physical location that sells such cars or make a call to Tesla. Regular autopilot has a listed price of $3000, so Tesla can say that they spare one grand for the future owner.

The base-price Model 3 with the real wheel drive has been available in the US only for a few months. Otherwise, this vanilla version comes with a reduced range and a series of software lockouts like no live-traffic visualization for the navigation or seats-heating. Tesla states the Standard Plus version sales are six-times higher than of the entry model.

The latest development that Elon Musk admitted on Twitter that the ’price of the Tesla Full Self-Driving option will increase substantially over time.’ Musk added that the new pricing of Tesla’s model 3s goes into effect on the 1st of May and prices will get ’something like $3,000 higher. ’

The available full FSD package makes the driver’s life easier with automated driving (highway), trafic-aware cruise-control, parking and ’summon’ functions. The full package costs $5000, cars without it can be retrofitted for $7000.

If we connect the dots, Musk is likely referring to an overall change in sales policy. Tesla has started to offer vehicles bundled with autopilot, which increases the starting prices with $2000 at least. From May the premium electric sedan would be able to be bought only with autopilot, and the upcoming FSD functions (see below) will probably mean a further raise.

The latest of Tesla FSD computers are said to be capable of traffic-light/stop signs responding and automated city driving. Musk argues that with the changes the consumer will get a car that is so autonomous that the owner can taxi other people with it.

It’s not clear at this point that the current Model3s with FSD would need a computer replacement or just a software upgrade. Tesla plans to demonstrate its new FSD computer with the latest functions before the investors on the 22nd, April.

Source: https://mashable.com/article/tesla-fsd-price-increase/?europe=true

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