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Gambling is one of the most exciting and at the same time, well-paid endeavors out there. People visit casinos or online gambling websites to take pleasure and forget all the tiredness they have collected during the day, but also to place bets and win some money.

Albeit the industry has never really lacked the big customer base, which was “pampered” with various bonuses and gifts like Australian casino reload bonuses, there are some concerns when it comes to the demographics. You see, slot machines and craps tables might be a huge fun for Baby Boomers or Generation X, but Millenials are significantly different in their preferences.

In today’s casinos, you won’t be able to find just as many youngsters as older players whose childhood was correlated with the progress of those brick-and-mortar casinos. One can even say that they’ve been growing side by side.

As for the Millenials, they’re more of an action-loving generation. To them, entertainment is associated with skill, strategy, and a lot of action.

In light of this issue, many casinos are starting to rearrange themselves to account for younger generations. This includes offering more video games as a form of gambling.

Lacking new life

As discussed above, the casino industry is drenched with older generations like Baby Boomers and Generation X. When it comes to Millenials, though, they seem to fail to attract them.

Even though big betting venues like Las Vegas have been boomed to the point where they not only offer gambling chances but also cover other areas of fun such as nightclubs, restaurants, sporting events and many more; and even though these possibilities are surely more appealing to youth, the industry still lacks the new blood.

When offering more diversified entertainment forms, Las Vegas and similar gambling sites actually inhibit their gambling-related revenues and divert them more towards those night clubs and restaurants. Youngsters might go to Vegas, but most of the time, they’ll opt for sporting events and nightclubs, not casino halls.

In 2014, among the visitors of Las Vegas, 24% were Millennials but only 63% of them were actually gambling. This compared to 78% of Baby Boomers and 68% of Generation X.

M. Meyerhofer, the Gamblit Gaming executive said

“The majority of visitors to Vegas are under the age of 50, while the majority of those who play slot machines are over 50. Casino operators are seeing 100 percent of their floor wired for a population group that is no longer the majority.”

Archaic technology

The basic reason why gambling sites are deficient of youngsters is that the majority of games haven’t been modernized to fulfill the needs of today. For instance, slot machines are still based on the exact same mechanism of pulling the lever to ring the reels and win, in case of getting the exact symbols in a row.

While there were some design changes in the game, the main idea has always stayed the same.

Meyerhofer Added

“Millennials have grown up in an era of digital media and games. The passive experience of a slot machine does not resonate with them,”

Introduction of video games

It seems things are getting changed in favor of casinos, as well as younger generations. In February 2016, Nevada and New Jersey passed new law which allows casinos to introduce more competence-base games.

We can even say that things are speeding up, considering the rate at which the new law was passed: it was introduced in January 2015 and already in June the same year, it was signed. Everyone’s mentioning that there’s some kind of urgency to introduce new possibilities for new blood.

The aim behind the law is that game providers can now develop video games that are:

  • Skill-based;
  • More action-packed;
  • include gambling capabilities.

With such arcade games as Angry Birds, Temple Run, or hard-core shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, casinos will be able to lure heap of youngsters in their venues.

Besides, there will be more chances for not only playing the games but also to gamble on others playing those games. Numerous casinos in Las Vegas are already including betting on sports in their formulations.

And with such online gaming tournaments as Fortnite World Cup or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive yielding millions of viewers around the world, attaching gambling capabilities to them will undoubtedly bring larger revenues to the industry.

Possible complications

Besides the positive effects, many analysts are warning about the possible negative consequences of such development. According to Tomer Perry, a research associate at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, introducing younger generations to gambling might create problems.

Perry believes that if traditional wagering is itself very obsessive and causes emotional issues to gamers, then adding new video games that appeal to youngsters can propagate this problem to them as well.

At the end of the day, gambling is a form of adventure that can be good or even bad to a particular person. It depends on what you’re aiming to do with that risk-taking enterprise.

Importing new life to the industry can be as advantageous to casinos as to youngsters, who can find their favorite forms of adventure in brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as their online websites and enjoy a little risk.

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