In the grand amphitheater of corporate governance, the thrum of anticipation ripples through the business world as Caesars Entertainment stands at the cusp of an inspiring new era. Today, the company has unveiled the latest champion to ascend its vaunted Board of Directors, the esteemed Kim Harris Jones.

A titan of finance and governance, Harris Jones brings to the high-stakes table an illustrious career glittering with leadership roles across the consumer discretionary and consumer staples sectors. Her expertise does not just fill a seat; it stretches the very fabric of possibility, positioning her as the tenth luminary within Caesars’ directorial constellation—and notably, the third female force among its leading lights.

As an honored alumnae of the University of Michigan, Kim Harris Jones is no stranger to the boardroom battleground. Caesars will proudly become the fourth arena wherein she engages her strategic prowess and perceptive guidance.

Gary Carano, Caesars’ Executive Chairman, articulates the sentiment of a thousand accolades in a single phrase, foreseeing Kim’s influence as a “lens through which to see stronger, more dynamic future possibilities for Caesars Entertainment.”

Since the departure of Sandra Douglass Morgan in July 2022 to proudly preside over the Las Vegas Raiders, Caesars’ board has eagerly awaited the arrival of a ninth director. Kim Harris Jones, heralded on “100 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors” by BoardProspects Magazine, steps into this role, not just as a fulfillment of expectation but as a harbinger of visionary change.

The Nasdaq, upon which the casino operator’s shares proudly trade, has long heralded the call for diversity. It mandated inclusive directorship—a call that Caesars answers not out of obligation but out of a pursuit for excellence. Legal battles have rattled this mandate, yet the Nasdaq rule remains triumphant, promoting diversity that Harris Jones embodies—and far transcends by merit of her formidable career.

With over two decades carving her legacy within the automotive industry—including distinguished tenures at General Motors and Chrysler—and impactful years at consumer powerhouse Mondelez International, Kim Harris Jones’ resume is not a list, but a legend.

The depth of her board experience is profound. Currently wielding her financial acumen as audit committee chair at TrueBlue Inc. and United Rentals and as a guiding force at Fossil Group, Harris Jones is marrying her vast experience with Caesars Entertainment’s visionary pursuits.

As a Las Vegas denizen, Kim has not merely occupied seats on these boards; she has cultivated growth, exemplified through an impressive eight-year term at TrueBlue and nearly six years at the helm of United Rentals, as her decorated LinkedIn profile testifies.

Caesars’ CEO Tom Reeg embraces this new chapter with open arms, lauding Kim Harris Jones as a paragon of “strategic, collaborative innovation.” As the embodiment of hard-earned wisdom, she stands ready to navigate the labyrinth of complex issues and champion a march toward optimization that will delight guests, empower team members, and enrich shareholders alike.

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