In the ever-tumultuous saga of the Miss America Organization, a new chapter unfolds with litigious flare. Glenn Straub, a name synonymous with controversy and the once-majestic Atlantic City skyline, has thrust himself into the legal spotlight once again. This time, he is waging a $20 million war against Robin Fleming, the CEO of an organization he claims to have laid claim to.

Straub argues that his acquisition of the organization, solidified in the annals of 2022, came with its own set of authority and responsibilities—responsibilities that he believes were breached by Fleming. An internal audit allegedly revealed a trail of deceit: at least $200,000 siphoned from the company coffers under the guise of staff payments. Straub’s actions, intended to be discreet to uphold the company’s dignity, were pushed into the public eye by Fleming’s refusal to go quietly.

The ensuing lawsuit, entrenched in the legal soils of Florida’s 15th Judicial Court in Palm Beach County, is Straub’s bid to regain control over what he asserts is rightfully his. The battleground: banking access, credit card information, and passwords. Each party’s claim is fortified with statements cast across the digital expanse from Straub’s camp to Fleming’s Instagram-fronted defense.

Fleming, undeterred by Straub’s offensive, stands her ground. She refutes the claim of ownership, painting Straub as a peripheral financier—a conduit to credit, whose contributions have been substantially reconciled. In her narrative, she is the beacon of empowerment in an organization being threatened by a man with a past shadowed by legal skirmishes and unsavory business tactics.

Straub’s venture into the Atlantic City realm is a tale of ambition marred by frustration and eventual retreat. The Revel Boardwalk resort—a sleeping giant that Straub awakened in April 2015 for $82 million—never saw the revival he envisioned. Despite his bold plans and capital injections, he was stymied by local governance—a battle that led to his vented frustrations and blunt critiques of New Jersey’s system.

Yet, in the vortex of conflict and dashed entrepreneurial dreams, Straub found profit amidst the stillness. The Revel, standing silent and guestless under his watch, was handed off to another dreamer from Colorado in 2018—netting Straub a handsome gain, but leaving behind a legacy punctuated by strife and grand intentions never realized.

The legal siege launched by Straub is but another thread in the intricate tapestry of his contentious engagements, showcasing a man who plays as hard in the courtroom as he has in the boardroom, uncompromisingly forging his version of the American business epic.

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