In the gilded halls of corporate acclaim, a new laurel has been bestowed upon none other than the luminous Mohegan. Distinction radiates from its hallowed chambers as it takes its place among the venerated, earning the singular honor of being the only gaming entity to grace the prestigious Global Most Loved Workplaces 2024 list, an eclectic ensemble of esteemed employers meticulously curated by Newsweek in concert with the Best Practice Institute.

A beacon of employer excellence in the heart of Connecticut, Mohegan Sun has drawn acclaim from those who matter most: its steadfast workforce. Compiled through a diligent process by the Best Practice Institute, which peeked under the hood of various corporate cultures, surveying an impressive ensemble of over two million employees, Mohegan shines resplendently at No. 77 on the board of adulation.

Ray Pineault, the illustrious captain at the helm of Mohegan, president and CEO, expressed a profound sense of privilege at this high recognition. Emblazoned with the seal of Newsweek’s Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces, the accolade is a testament to Mohegan’s unwavering commitment to crafting a workplace that pulses with positivity and thrives on engagement.

Embracing a storied past harking back to its genesis as Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment—the company unveiled a sleek rebrand in May 2022, streamlining to simply “Mohegan.” Entirely helmed by the Mohegan Tribe, it has become synonymous with sublime gaming experience.

The recognition stemmed not from chance, but from a comprehensive survey, capturing the pulse of workforce sentiment—how employees envisioned their futures within the company’s embrace, charted their progress along career trajectories, aligned with the company’s ethos, and basked in mutual respect—a panoramic view of inclusion, wellness, and the diversity tapestry.

The rhapsody of Mohegan’s employee-focused cadences resonates through various platforms and programs. From the intimate gatherings of traditional team member engagement surveys to the grand discourse of town halls, from regular information cascades at staff meets to heart-to-heart breakfasts with the president, Mohegan’s commitment to nurturing and heeding every voice is unwavering.

Moreover, the company unfurls a panoply of opportunities—promotions, transfers, and assignments that stretch the capabilities of their team. Generous tuition reimbursement programs, in-house training, and off-site seminars are but a few pathways Mohegan proffers to its employees, encouraging choices that harmonize their unique concoction of skills and personal aspirations.

Standing alone in the arena of gaming on Newsweek’s list, Mohegan is paralleled by a solitary hotel brand—Wyndham Hotels & Resorts making an appearance at No. 19. The workforce metrics unveiled a robust tableau, with Mohegan directly empowering over 11,000 individuals, nearly 8,000 anchored at its flagship Mohegan Sun resort.

Beyond its Connecticut heartland, Mohegan casts a wide net of influence and aspiration, tracing its roots to a modest bingo establishment in the early 90s, blossoming into an international behemoth. With its casino space sprawling over 300,000 square feet, two luxurious hotels with 1,563 guestrooms, a distinctive medley of retail, dining, and entertainment options, Mohegan Sun rivals the most mystical realms.

Venturing further, Mohegan’s empire extends to Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls in Canada, the vibrant heart of Washington, Atlantic City’s storied shores, and the neon-glow of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. However, these chapters are drawing to a close as Mohegan sets its sights on international horizons, most notably in South Korea.

There, the autumnal unveiling of Inspire Entertainment Resort’s first phase at Incheon International Airport heralded Mohegan’s indelible mark on foreign soil. A staggering $1.6 billion vision of grandeur, Inspire beckons with its guestrooms, eateries, an enthralling entertainment walk, and an arena capable of welcoming 15,000 souls—an odyssey of luxury and ambition unfurled.

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