In the pulsating heart of the desert, where the glittering lights of Las Vegas fade into the horizon, culinary maestro Wolfgang Puck is poised to unveil his latest masterpiece. Not content to merely expand his gastronomical empire, Puck transcends the conventional as he prepares to introduce a dining haven in the unlikely sanctuary of Henderson, Nevada. Here, in the elite MacDonald Highlands enclave, the storied chef will bring his exceptional cuisine to the fortunate few who will call the opulent Four Seasons Private Residences their home.

Seductively perched atop the upper echelons of a $1.3 billion condominium complex, Puck’s restaurant promises to be a bastion of haute cuisine set amidst the clouds. Scheduled to unfurl its grandeur in late 2026, the restaurant will grace one of the two commanding 25-story spires that house 171 exclusive residences—each with a starting point of $3.5 million. But the allure of Puck’s upcoming venture doesn’t end at the restaurant’s doors. Residents will bask in the luxury of poolside dining and onsite catering, where every meal will be a testament to Puck’s legendary hospitality.

This culinary venture breaks new ground for Puck, as it marks the first time his enterprise will nestle within the sophisticated embrace of a non-casino environment. It unfolds against a backdrop of uncertainty in the realm of upscale Vegas dining, as demonstrated by the recent closing of The Sundry food hall at the Uncommons residential complex. But where others falter, Puck’s ambition soars.

Meanwhile, the robust slice of life that is Vegas’ pizza culture recently celebrated a triumph as two local joints achieved global recognition. The city’s very own Pizza Rock seared a spot at an impressive No. 28 in 50 Top Pizza’s authoritative USA rankings, while Double Zero Pie & Pub followed suit at No. 45. The accolade is a pizza aficionado’s dream, confirming Vegas as a crucible of world-class pizza talent.

Amidst this cornucopia of pizza prowess, Good Pie is expanding its successful enterprise, carving out a delicious niche for itself with a second establishment at 835 Seven Hills Drive in Henderson. The addition comes as welcome news to devout followers eagerly awaiting another venue at which to indulge in Good Pie’s delectable creations.

However, as temperatures soared across the baking Nevadan landscape, Yukon Pizza at 1130 E. Charleston Blvd. grappled with the often harsh embrace of the desert climate. In an agonizing yet necessary decision, the beloved pizzeria suspended the sale of its famed slices, yielding to the insurmountable heat generated by the wood-fired ovens. Responding to an environment pushed to its limits, the owner vowed that once a new air conditioning unit weathers the scorching onslaught, slices shall make their anticipated return to the ardent fans who await them.

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