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Internet security software is improving all the time, but there are still causes for concern whatever you do online, and online casino gaming is no exception. However, before you despair or shy away from betting on casino games, there is some good news. There are plenty of tools out there now which can ensure that you end up playing at safe, trustworthy, and secure betting sites. What are they and how do they work? Read our guide, and you will soon discover everything you need to know about safe online casinos in 2021.

A Gambling License Always Helps


It goes without saying that the first thing that you should look for in an online casino is a license. Without a license, what the casino is essentially doing is offering illegal gambling games. No regulation, no certifications and no security are not things that are going to make us want to bet online. Ideally, you want to play at a casino like Kingdom Casino, which has obtained a reputable and much-respected gambling license. Only once a casino is licensed is up to subject to external regulation and is permitted to offer games to you legally. Fortunately, the casinos you will find at our website are all licensed, and impeccably well to boot.

Responsible Gambling Tools Are a Must

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There are other forms of security and safety that you can seek when playing online. Not all problems come from hackers and thieves. On the contrary, problem gambling can be something which is entirely down to you. Fortunately, safe online casinos such as Cleopatra Casino have a series of tools which can help you combat the threat of problem gambling. These casino sites typically offer the following options for you to use:

Deposit/Wager Limits: You can set these yourself, and they effectively limit what you deposit and bet on games during a predetermined timeframe. Set these caps wisely, and you will be unable to wager more than you can afford.

Gameplay Timers: If you activate these, you will be reminded when you have played for a predetermined time. You can then choose to lock yourself out of the game until that time has passed or choose to ignore the warning.

Self-Exclusion Tools: If things get a bit too much, and you need a break, you can initiate cool-down periods at safe online casinos. Once activated, these will keep you out of a site until the established time has elapsed.

By using the gambling tools listed above, you can effectively safeguard against getting in too deep. Any safe casino worth its salt will offer a combination of all of them.

Access to Problem Gaming Platforms

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The responsible gaming tools offered by safe online casinos should ensure that you will never develop problem gambling symptoms. However, if you do, it is essential to be able to get the help that you need. Casinos such as Paradise Casino, go out of their way to ensure that you can obtain support, help and gambling advice when you need it. These safe online casinos provide you with access to top problem gambling programs which will block you out of your casino account, and all subsequent casinos which are also in the program. Once a predetermined period has passed, you can be invited back to play, if you still want to. The safest casinos are required to affiliate themselves with these programs to obtain their license.

Certifications and Verification

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There are a couple of other standout highlights of safe online casinos. For instance, what do you know about certifications and verification? These are essential steps in proving that any betting site is a safe one.

The safest online casinos will have their games independently audited and tested by third parties. These organisations and groups check to ensure that the games are fair, even live casino games such as those found at Live.Casino. Groups such as eCOGRA, TST (Technical Systems Testing) and iTech Labs (amongst others) will then issue certifications which prove that the games hosted at a casino are safe, fair, and verified. Any safe online casino will be able to provide proof of these certifications.

No Black Marks on Their Record

No Black Marks on Record

There is one final thing to check for to ensure that you are playing at safe online casinos. This involves a bit of work if you want to do it yourself, but we provide casino reviews which does all the homework for you if you want to speed up the process.

Ultimately, you need to check the history of a casino. Does it have an operator which is trustworthy, and what is their background? Is the casino certified and licensed, does it offer responsible gambling tools and is it affiliated with problem gambling programs? Does the casino have a track record for paying out its winners, or does it delay as much as possible? Are there any outstanding complaints, and is the casino blacklisted or deemed to be a rogue site? These are all questions that you need to ask and answer. The best sites, even cryptocurrency casinos like should pass these tests with flying colours.

Play with the Safest Online Casinos Today

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If this all sounds like a lot of work for you, you need not worry. We regularly check out online casinos and put them through their paces. We leave no stone left unturned as we analyse just what a casino can offer in terms of responsible, legal, and safe gaming.

At our site, we only promote safe online casinos like those listed above, such as, Kingdom Casino, Live.Casino, Paradise Casino, and Cleopatra’s Casino. If you want to play with these top domains or any of our other recommended safe online casinos, head to our casino reviews page to uncover a world of top, trusted, and safe betting sites today.